Students at St Monica's learn from a team of professional and supportive teachers.

Our teachers are highly skilled and passionate about providing the best learning opportunities for every student. Our commitment to best teaching and learning practice is supported by an extensive professional development program for all staff.

Teachers at St Monica's are lifelong learners themselves so they know what it takes to develop a love of learning. They meet each student where they are on their learning journey, and challenge and support them to become the best learner they can be. St Monica's provides students with a high quality education that prepares them for their future.

It is the quality of our teachers that makes all the difference.

Dedicated Teachers at St Monicas Primary North Parramatta

Meet Our School Leaders

The day-to-day running of our school is the responsibility of the Leadership Team, who work to ensure positive learning experiences for our students.

Lisa Crampton St Monica's Primary Nth Parramatta


Principal's Welcome

Mary-Anne Stenning St Monica's Primary Nth Parramatta
Assistant Principal


Andrew Baker St Monica's Primary Nth Parramatta
Religious Education Coordinator


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If you wish to make an appointment with a member of the leadership team or a teacher please contact St Monica's weekdays during school hours on 8832 4100 or use our contact form.

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Are you a dedicated, passionate teacher?

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