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St Monica's Catholic Primary is a vibrant learning community where excellence in education is our goal.

Our classes are structured for learning in an open plan setting (see parent handbook).  We have some outstanding facilities in our school to assist in providing high-quality teaching and learning experiences.

School Library

Our modern school library is available to the children for borrowing and returning daily. It is also open for borrowing and quiet reading during lunch time, which helps to further develop literacy skills in our students.

Students regularly visit the library to borrow books which encourages reading at home.

Modern Technology

Our technology facilities are outstanding, supporting our staff and students to keep pace with the changing world in which we live.  We have a variety of computers, laptops, iPads and TVs in each of the learning spaces. 

All students in Stage Two and Stage Three have a device that supports their learning.  Students in Early Stage One and Stage One have access to devices to support their learning and develop their technology skills.

We believe that it is important to keep our learning up-to-date which is why we work diligently to provide students and staff with the tools and resources that they need to connect and collaborate.

Catholic Out of School Hours Care - Ambrose

Catholic Out of School Hours Care (Ambrose) offers a stimulating and structured program within a safe and caring environment. Ambrose offers a before* and after school program for primary school aged children, conveniently located within your child's school.

Ambrose is run by experienced and qualified staff, with close links to the primary school and the local parish.

Students participate in a range of activities including craft, cooking, dramatic play, language and literature, outdoor play, group and individual projects and support for homework. Nutritious, balanced meals and snacks are provided.

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