Our Story

Our mission is to build a Christ-centred environment by which our community can grow and fulfil its highest potential through quality education.

At the foundation of our Mission lies five key beliefs that reflect the vision of the Community.

We believe that our Community must be Christ-centred in all its endeavours.

  • We believe that everyone in our Community is valued for the person they are, and the gifts they bring to our Mission
  • We believe in structuring a caring environment that encourages personal freedom and responsibility for all
  • We believe in a holistic approach that allows for the development of the individual to grow in all aspects of their personal life
  • We believe that quality education ensures positive structures that allow for effective teaching and learning approaches.


Our School History

St Monica's has a rich history behind its community stemming from the opening in 1892.

St Monica's Primary School was established in 1892 by the Sisters of Mercy. It consisted of a small lean-to at the back of the Sacristy. The first Pastor was Fr James Joseph Mahoney who supported the sisters in their work and guided the Parish through its first year.

In 1918 the first of the school buildings was erected, and in 1955 extra buildings were added.

By 1971, the school's enrolment had increased to 475 and another building was erected to form the school site.

In 2010 a new building project was completed, including the construction of open learning areas and the installation of current technology to support learning. 

Our Learning Structure

The school is structured in some year and some stage groups, to more effectively provide for the different learning needs and learning styles of each child. Early Stage One and Stage One are separate classes, however Stages Two and Three are combinations of year groups.

Early Stage One Kindergarten (individual class)
Stage One Year 1 and Year 2 (individual classes)
Stage Two Year 3 and Year 4 (staged)
Stage Three Year 5 and Year 6 (staged)

In Stages Two and Three, the children are grouped in a Homeroom for Administration purposes. In their Stage of Learning they participate in Religious Education; Human Society and Its Environment; Science and Technology; Creative and Practical Arts; and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

In English and Mathematics, the children are organised into smaller groups according to their learning needs, and their teacher may be their Homeroom Teacher or another teacher from the Learning Team.


EVERY student matters to us

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